Monty Long and Donald Garcia v. First Resolution Investment Corporation and Gordon Aylworth & Tami, P.C.

CASE NO: 19-2-11281-6 SEA

The Court has granted final approval of the settlement. The settlement administrator expects to mail settlement award checks to eligible class members in early November.

If First Resolution Investment Corporation (FRIC) or Gordon Aylworth & Tami, P.C. (GAT) collected or attempted to collect money from you, directly or indirectly, at any time since April 25, 2015, for amounts owed (1) pursuant to a judgment FRIC obtained in a Washington state court prior to February 24, 2014; or (2) pursuant to a judgment John P. Plovie obtained and sought to collect on FRIC's behalf in a Washington state court after February 24, 2014, you may be entitled to benefits from a class action settlement.

A Washington state court authorized this notice.
This is not a solicitation from a lawyer and it is not a lawsuit against you.

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